by Brandon Pham

What is
The Game Dev Unchained Expo is an event by way of the Game Dev Unchained podcast, hosted by game developer Brandon Pham. As of now this weekly podcast has been in syndication for 5+ years with a strong message against taking advantage of and lying to game developers. It’s been the primary focus of the Game Dev Unchained podcast to entertain their game developer audience while also empowering them and providing both opportunities and resources in audio form. Continuing down the path of servicing our development community, we’ve come together to plan, produce, promote and present the Game Dev Unchained Expo.



The Game Dev Unchained Expo is born out of necessity. We are building a conference offering insight from some of the biggest and most impactful minds in game development today, and streaming their stories with the world for free. In this age, where an encyclopedia’s worth of information can exchange in a second, where hobbyist and professionals have access to the exact same tools, where game developers literally live on every single continent, and yet all of our biggest networking and educational events are fundamentally exclusive and mostly designed to make a profit, instead of a difference….

We simply believe, for the good of our industry, this has to change.