Creative Life in Game Dev: It’s Not Personal with Emily Grace Buck

by Brandon Pham
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Working in game dev can be stressful even on the best of days. That stress often causes devs to bond with one another and develop deep, important personal relationships. But what happens to both your social circle and your work when you experience interpersonal conflict, burn out, go through a health or family crisis, or worse- lose your job? Experience one dev’s story about the pros & cons of making your workplace your “family,” and learn some tips on how to stay as calm and even as you can through the best & worst game dev has to throw at you.

Topics covered in this talk:

0:00 About me
2:22 Confession
4:03 Let’s get it out of the way – Crunch
6:03 A job that’s also a passion and a hobby
8:24 Close relationships form
10:27 Company culter turns things sour
17:24 It’s not just games
21:45 What happens when you lose your job
23:11 How do we avoid this
28:07 Q/A Interview


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