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For more than a decade Brandon have ridden the roller coaster known as the game industry through the highs and the lows. He has battled through student debt and dishonest promises of the game educational community. Survived through layoffs and bad management at companies and climbed through the ranks to lead teams to success. He finally reached the peak of AAA development and shipped Call of Duty, the #1 selling franchise of all time before taking it to the next level.


Despite all his successes, there were recurring doubts about stability and overall happiness in this volatile industry. Game Dev Unchained (hosted by Blu Champs) represents an idea that every game developer are free only when they have a real choice – to make games they want to make, wherever they want, whenever they want.


The podcast has reached listeners world-wide as developers everywhere tune-in every Tuesday to get tips on how to get in, get through, and get out of the game industry. Game Dev Unchained has been featured on PC Gamer, PC World, 80.lv, Engadget, Kotaku, Polycount, and Gamedev.net and embarks on a journey of unchaining game development, one developer at a time..

Anyone embarking on a adventure towards higher achievement and excellence needs a strong foundation of knowledge to build their new life. Brandon has a simple goal: to help you become a successful developer. If there is any way that we can help you, help you - please get into contact with us and let’s make some magic!


Game Dev Unchained is all about building a community and a place where game developers can come together and thrive! If you want tips, feedback, and discuss topics that are often taboo in the game industry and are finding ways to unchain yourself, then this is the place for you. Our Discord will help you realize your value, improve your work/life balance, and grow – personally and professionally. Get into our community and do what’s right for you. Your career will never be the same again!