Socialist Revenue Sharing in a Indie Studio with Matthew Viglione

by Brandon Pham
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SomaSim does their revenue sharing a little differently. They treat everyone’s hour equally – an hour of coding or design is the same as an hour of art or an hour of QA. That means if art hours are 35% of the game’s total development, then artists get 35% of the revenue. Matthew talks about the awesome parts of this model. And he’ll discuss how we’ve had to get creative to make it work as their studio has grown over the past six years.

Topics discussed in this talk:

0:00 About Matthew Viglione
1:01 How does revenue sharing work?
2:22 What kind of studio?
6:50 The problem
8:04 Our Rev share model
15:36 1849: Our first game
17:48 Project Highrise
25:58 What’s next?
26:54 Important Safety tips for rev share teams
29:46 Q/A Interview


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