Surviving Long Term in the Game Industry with Moo Yu

by Brandon Pham
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Moo Yu Has Taken A Seemingly Bizarre 15-Year Route Through The Game Industry With Stops In AAA, Facebook, Mobile, Indie, And Even Children’s Web Games. He’ll Attempt To Make Sense Of This By Discussing His Strategy Of Investing In Himself To Fight The Constant Battle Of Finding A Place In The Ever-Changing Industry.

Topics covered in this talk:

0:00 Do I belong?
4:34 Can I stay ahead of the industry cliff?
7:03 Can I have a life and make games
11:19 What games do I want to make?
14:58 Not quite yet
17:56 Other steps aside from developing skills
26:32 Are there new stories that I can help tell?
27:52 What I do know
29:18 Q/A Interview


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