Building Up a Indie Company with Karla Zimonja

by Brandon Pham
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It’s really useful to know a lot of things about different areas of game dev if you’re going to try to run a company. In this talk, Karla will walk through Fullbright’s development from Gone Home to Tacoma and focus on all the things she has learned as she went to be a successful indie studio.

Topics discussed in this talk:

  • Work in a AAA company and ask for help and also talk to and ask people in different areas questions to expand your knowledge in game dev.

  • Ask around about starting a company.

  • Mentions Rami has good advice (but then he did a video saying no-one should listen to his advice).

  • Speak to a Lawyer for advice on starting a company (not cheap).

  • If you don’t have a producer you are going to be sad (if you have more than 7 people) and they need to have experience in the game industry.

  • Remote people change the dynamics and it’s hard (you need to communicate with them regularly).

  • People who thrive in indie are those who are self-dependant learning multi-disciplines by trying out different side projects in their free time.

  • Networking

Management role (mitigating risk)

  • Keep an eye on people.

  • Help people learn to communicate better.

  • Pay attention to what matters to people.

  • Communication is #1 (especially for remote). Employees talking about what they are working on and responding quickly.


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