The Making of Masterpiece VR with Jonathan Gagne

by Brandon Pham
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Today, Less Than 0.1% Of People Who Have The Technical Ability To Create 3D Models. Our Mission Is To Enable Anyone To Be Able To Take Whatever They Imagine In Their Heads And Then Easily Create A Digital Copy Of It. In 2015, We Started A Company From Nothing To Make This A Reality. Experts Told Us It Was Impossible. Thankfully, They Were Wrong. Today We Have A Strong Team Of Over 25, And Have Greatly Simplified Creating 3D Content. We Use Virtual Reality And Machine Learning To Help People Create Content 10x Faster, Our Software Is Over 200x Faster To Learn Than Traditional Tools, And Was The First In The World With Real-Time Co-Creation, Letting Remote Teams Work Together. We Have Over 30,000 People Using Our Tools Today And Are Determined To Grow Until We Have Democratized 3D Content Creation For Everyone.

Topics covered in this talk:

0:00 About me
2:53 Overview
3:31 Part 1: The story behind masterpiece VR | the struggle
14:34 Creating 3D using 2D
16:02 From concept to animation
18:43 Democratisizing 3D creation
20:59 Wrapping up
25:35 Q/A Interview


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