The Making of ‘MonStars’ Remastered with Damon Woods

by Brandon Pham
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Damon Woods is a talented Character Artist in the industry being in many leadership roles at countless studios. He is currently a Principal Character Artist at Respawn and spent this session taking me behind the scenes on his latest personal art project, the remastering of the MonStars villians in Space Jam. With the new release of Space Jam 2 and something to compare to the decided direction of the new monstars, we can easily say that Damon demolished the competition.

Topics covered in this talk:

0:00 The Challenges of Personal Projects
1:27 Fan Art and the start of using Zbrush
3:48 The Modeling Process for 3D Concepting
8:30 Foundational 2D skills important for 3D
11:17 AppFigures Ad
13:12 2D vs 3D and the benefits for both
14:37 New Bar rises with New Tools
17:30 Remaster Mario
22:00 Quad A Characters
34:00 Shoutout


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