Blizzard Under Fire

by Brandon Pham
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Blizzard have been pressured lately on behalf of many of its current/former employee sharing accounts of some forms of harassments in recent months. In addition, Activision/Blizzard as a whole are under investigation and a few lawsuits from the State of California for its malpractice. Probably, most concerning for the company is from its board as the company’s finances in the past 6 months have been declining and affected by this news.

The industry as a whole, are still maturing with sensitive topics and the question of fair treatment among a diverse pool of talent have been continuously the point of contention. Riot Games are under going similar investigations within its workplace for a year and now another titan, Activision / Blizzard is under the microscope. Overall, holding these huge companies accountable will help the remaining studios tighten their grip on outstanding issues and finally we can start seeing the reform that is necessary as companies are getting more diverse. Old behaviors were never okay before, but now have proven unsustainable to the company culture at hand.


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