How has the Pandemic Impacted the Game Industry in 2021?

by Brandon Pham
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When it happens elsewhere, it barely makes the paper. Suddenly now ‘Oh, it’s here in real countries.’ It just really shows how spoiled we are.” -Dave Mervik

After a two month hiatus at the end of 2021, it gave me the time necessary to recharge. The industry as a whole have not stopped and on the contrary accelerated like never before with Microsoft and Sony stepping up with major acquisitions. The growth in this period can be equated as a major boom in both game dev talent and content consumption. In addition, an increased attention towards the ‘next internet’ with the metaverse and owning digital content such as NFT (non-fungible tokens) are setting the outlook for what this decade is shaping up to be.

But before embracing what the next ten years will look like for the game industry, I want to introduce a Best of 2021 series to remind viewers/ listeners of how 2021 set us up in this direction. In part 1 of 5, we examine the aftermath of the pandemic and the dynamic shift of power from employers to employees is changing everything we know about the game industry.

Topics discussed in this episode:

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