The Convergence of all Entertainment

by Brandon Pham
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It feels great to not have to sit around waiting for hours to bake lightmaps. Now we can get instant feedback and the art director can iterate faster than ever before.” -Scott Knapp

A game developer in the last 5 years can be best described as a unrestricted nomad. If you are an artist in the game industry then you are faced with more opportunities than ever before. You are now a valuable asset that can utilize the same toolset that you have obtained throughout your career and am able to jump to other mediums like movies, architecture, and advertisement seamlessly. That is because, real-time technology are openly being used in all industries and the demand is only growing.

The greatest value will always be, time. Time is always finite and when making a commercial product you are always restricted on time and delivery. This is where, game techniques for years have been perfecting for decades and technology has caught up where the graphical quality is turning heads. We are are approaching a point where artists can change jobs seamlessly across all industries and the only thing that matters is the type of content we want to work with.

Topics discussed in this episode:

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