VR Sculpting with Joel Durham

by Brandon Pham
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“Once VR devices are as approachable as turning on your Playstation, gamers and artists will be all over this stuff.”

Joel Durham is a digital artist that have worked at highly coveted studios in both the game and visual effects industry. Gracing studios to the likes of Sledgehammer Games, Blur, MPC, and Digital Domain with his great work. Joel, is always dabbling into bleeding age tools to improve his workflow and lately he’s been a great proponent for VR sculpting.

In recent years, Virtual Reality have been gaining a lot of traction from the gamer community. As that sector have grown, artists are showing a niche adoption rate as well that is fastly gaining ground. The same way that we find entertainment with a virtual device feeling instantly immersive and engaging, an artist will discover a natural intuition when creating 3D within a 3D environment. It’s one of the reasons why, Adobe recently purchased Oculus Medium, as part of its own software suite. You add on top of that, Adobes’ recent purchase of Substance, one can imagine what the future will hold  for Virtual Reality artists.

It’s my curiosity and certainty that VR will have a major impact in how we create games, that in the last GduX.me conference I had Jonathan Gagne, from Masterpiece VR, layout a talk on what will be possible with VR creation. As more devices are finding itself into homes, a new generation of artists will be opening themselves up of viewing their work from a new perspective. Therefore, there will be a new levels of detail and experiences put out for consumers to enjoy. It’s an exciting time and why Joel is a great introduction of what’s currently capable incorporating VR into your workflow.


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