Inventing a New 3D Painterly Style with Miklos Bencz

by Brandon Pham
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“I want to find a new fascination to keep me going because I get bored very easily and if I start working on something that I am not truly inspired about, I tend to slack off and would have to re align myself again.”

Miklos Bencz is a artist from Hungary that is completely self-taught. His artwork speaks for itself for being original and has a final quality that really pushes the 3d medium. In this session, we go behind his working process and how he keeps listening to his internal artistry for the love the craft and choosing it over money.

Topics discussed in this episode:

0:00 About Miklos Bencz
2:18 Overview of Miklos Portfolio
4:49 First discovering the unique art style
6:53 Further refining with a Hand study
10:55 Portrait Study
13:01 Eastern Europe access to learning game development
25:07 Seeing colleagues burning out
31:24 The business of art
36:40 The process of starting a new portrait
45:25 Short Video Presentation of project Phoenix
49:13 Shout out


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