The $0 Budget Marketing Guide with Victoria Tran

by Brandon Pham
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“Marketing is one of those things that people don’t account for and suddenly they are spending all this money and don’t know why and how it’s all gone mostly because they didn’t plan correctly”

-Victoria Tran

Victoria Tran is a community and communications director, and she is currently the Community Director at Innersloth. She is constantly offering tips and promoting healthy ways to create better online communities. In this interview, she was able to share how to approach marketing and outlines the foundation of being effective without spending a fortune.

Topics that were discussed in this episode

0:00 About Victoria Tran
1:30 Main misconceptions of marketing
3:00 Creating Awareness behind your product
7:15 Most one sentence marketing is too generalized
9:50 How involved should developers be for marketing?
11:37 Main problems developers have with marketing
13:40 Should you consult with marketing to help with pitching projects
18:20 How relevant and useful is a kickstarter campaign nowadays
20:35 Is there any data that can be helpful for indicating indie game success
25:10 Is Facebook dead?
27:50 Are streamers better than press?
35:35 Indie dev partnering up?
40:00 What is the correct way of engaging with your audience
43:00 Thoughts on Streaming games services
48:15 Newsletter & Social platform strategies
52:00 Shoutout


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