The Story Behind Polygonflow with Adnan Chaumette

by Brandon Pham
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“The idea behind GraphN is simple: any workflow bottleneck you have can be automated, and GraphN helps you do just that without having to spend months learning to code”

Adnan Chaumette is the founder of Polygonflow which is a company working on new ways to create tools without code. With his company he is looking at new ideas in which tools are made, shared, and maintained. His first step to achieving this goal is with Polygonflow’s flagship software GraphN.


GraphN aims to give artist and technical artists the most powerful and accessible plugins creation platform ever made. This is achieved through combining the best of modern scripting pipelines on an easy to read visual programming interface. Within meeting Adnan, it was clear that the biggest barrier between artists and technical artist is not enough collaboration. Artists outnumbers technical artists by a large amount. Time and manpower has always been the bottle neck from advancing toolsets to improve workflows and pumping out great games faster.

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As the world is moving more into working remote, game developers are going to rely on tools that helps communication and promote efficiency. That is why I was excited to hear Adnan mention the Metanode. The Metanode will be a library of tools that seamlessly integrate with your favorite 3D software or game engine. It’ll be like a hub for developers to share their newly created tools giving a boost of creativity and push development to move quicker.

“Want to unwrap a bunch of objects in your scene? Just type “unwrap objects” and you’re all set. Looking into optimizing your assets, then sending them to Unreal Engine? Metanode has you covered as well. Automatic unwrapping, smooth boolean intersections, remeshing, shape creation, automatic retopology and many other tools are actively being developed to ensure that you never have to worry about such mundane and time consuming tasks.”

Topics that were discussed in this episode

0:00 About Adnan
2:38 International talent and coming from Africa
11:06 Polygonflow’s history and how it started
17:40 GraphN bettering technical artists
29:39 Too little technical artist and too many artists
32:23 How does an artist stay relevant with being technical
37:37 Oversea talent competing with western game industry
47:43 Where are the technical artists’ online community
55:00 Shoutout


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