Distributed Work Past, Present, and Future with Scott Millard

by Brandon Pham
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“Always have one eye on the long-term and one eye on the short-term plan to succeed as a game developer”

-Scott Millard

Scott Milliard is the Managing Director at Feardemic and has decades worth of experience managing teams across the globe shipping games through distributed talent. I had the honor of chatting with him as he proved to be a tremendous resource about remote working. The pandemic is a paradigm shift to how people approach work and collaborate without being near each other. Most businesses are waiting to see what an old shift to ‘normal’ will look like but all signs are pointing that this isn’t a temporary trend and studios around the world will collaborate for many years to come.


Topics that were discussed in this episode

0:00 About Scott Millard
2:20 What is Feardemic?
5:20 Transitional to full remote work
15:27 Hardware, not software, is the issue with remote working
19:20 What is distributed work?
27:13 Are publishers are always looking for developers
31:30 That special thing is attributed to the team or project?
42:41 The dangers of chasing trends
53:30 What differs the game industry from the movie industry business model?
1:00 Shout out


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