EwinRacing Gaming Chair Review

by Brandon Pham
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As a professional game developer I’ve been almost sitting as much as I stood in my whole adult life. There are obviously tremendous strain on the human body as we are not built for sitting for extended amounts of time. However, in recent decades I’ve been blessed by being introduced to professional chairs at my work place but have always cheapened the experience of sitting on inferior chairs when at home. This have changed with the onset of remote working in addition to the upheaval that the pandemic caused which made investing in a grade-quality chair wasn’t just a luxury but a necessity that every professional should treat themselves to.

That’s why I’m excited to talk about EwinRacing Gaming Chair. Early in January, the representatives got in touch with me to ask me to give an honest review of their chairs and the timing couldn’t have been more perfect. As mentioned, I run my own Technology Consultant business for Enterprise and Game Development companies, www.godemics.com, and have been at it for four years.  But my son, who is ten, have only began his digital online learning this year because of the pandemic and just like any good gamer dad, I built him a custom-pc along with a gamer table so that he can ‘learn’ better. The chair, was naturally the missing puzzle. Since I knew he would have to dedicate six hours everyday going to school, it was very important to enhance his sitting career.

Overall, I had a fun and fast time going through the checkout process. I went through and browsed the selection at Ewin Racing Chair, whom routinely sale gaming chairs to people that tends to sit for long periods at a time. I was very impressed at the choices of selection and the variety of colors that truly made me feel like I’m getting a personalized chair. This was at the height of the pandemic, where supplies everywhere were limited, and I was surprised how wasy it was to choose a chair with my son that really fit with his style. He was even able to pick out the colors of the wheels, which I thought was a really nice touch.

The delivery process was equally impressive, and took merely over a week to arrive at my front door. Assembly instructions were clear and I was able to put it together in about 20 minutes.

All the pieces of the chair were solidly constructed and after two months of heavily being tested by my son, it is as strong as it was the first day it arrived. I highly recommend anyone to invest in a high quality chair such as EwinRacing for either yourself or your child as it will definitely keep your posture all in the right places.

For those that are ready to take the next steps, you can earn 30% off your purchase by using the code Gamedev. 

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