Tough Times at Naughty Dog and the State of Contract Work

by Brandon Pham
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“For me, it felt like there was a divide between the contractors and full-time. It’s the little things that builds up to a division.”- Shora Farahani

Shora Farahani is a Senior Level Artist and have been all over the United States working at prominent studios like Sledgehammer Games, Naughty Dog, and now Ghost Story Games (formerly Irrational Games). He share his personal story while working at Naughty Dog and the pressure of its environment. We also dive into the state of contract work and its increasing rise of replacing full-time stability.

Topics discussed in this episode:

0:00 About Shora
3:12 Uprooting the family and moving around constantly
4:27 Naughty Dog experience working at the studio
9:36 Systematic crunch culture or game developer’s choice
14:37 Comparisons between a mobile company and AAA company
20:15 Office settings at Naughty Dog
26:00 the onslaught of temporary (contract) positions
33:49 Why AAA studios preferring contractors more so than full-time workers
38:27 What solutions can we propose to fix this?
48:54 How remote working can be sustainable to this problem
53:38 Benefits of working at naughty dog
58:05 Shout Out


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