Daybreak Studios Acquired for $300 Million Dollars

by Brandon Pham
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Daybreak Studios recently got acquired for $300 million dollars and I don’t know why. In this special segment, I will dive into the history of the studio, investigate it’s Glassdoor reviews, and learn more about who acquired them to try to understand what’s going on.

Now, although the news of this acquisition seems out of the blue. The studio does have a history of valuable intellectual properties, being the primary developer behind H1Z1Planetside 2, and EverQuest–separated from parent company Sony a few years ago after having operated as Sony Online Entertainment. The studio has now been acquired by Enad Global 7 for $300 million.

“On behalf of the Daybreak team, we are elated to be joining the EG7 family,” said Daybreak executive chairman Jason Epstein. “The combined companies are strategically positioned to expand Daybreak’s unique and iconic portfolio of live games and will help amplify our passion for making great games for our communities.”

Daybreak has gone through some rough years which was uncovered in this Glassdoor Confession episode. The studio have gone through numerous layoffs and frequent employee turnovers and dissatisfaction.

Their latest release, H1Z1 had difficulty competing with the likes of Fortnite, Apex Legends, and other popular battle royale games. Their greatest claim to fame before H1Z1 and the Planetside series was Everquest. Eventually that series got eclipsed by more popular MMO games such as World of Warcraft. Needless to say, the studio haven’t had a hit for awhile. Which is the motivation behind this episode, why would a company that is on its last legs and haven’t shown any signs of reinvigoration in recent years be worth this much? Does intellectual properties outweigh everything else? Find out in this episode!

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