Indie MMO Development with Jason Lee

by Brandon Pham
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Sometimes a ‘visionary’ vision doesn’t make any sense. Sometimes they are just ideas in their creative world and they want it to be expressed in the game. But they are not thinking about the player’s experience and are stuck in their own directive perspective. So they usually need a in-between person that understands game design and setting up systems to create that link for that vision to be fully realized.- Jason Lee

Jason Lee, who has been designing games at Relic Entertainment for over a decade worked on titles like Age of Empires 4 and Company of Heroes. Currently, he is involved in the development of Infinite Fleet, a sci-fi- MMO title developed by Pixelmatic.

Topics discussed in this episode:
0:00 About Jason Lee
2:40 Moving from AAA to indie
10:18 What is the current MMO landscape
14:40 Latest trends of big games being built by small teams
19:25 Star Citizen ruining the crowdfunding party
23:40 observations of long game cycle, but slower discoverability
28:03 Why clear direction and vision for better execution is rare?
35:38 Proceduralism and rules of the universe
44:37 Streaming and Designing around that
51:51 What AAA can learn from the mobile industry?
57:23 Shoutout


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