Where it All Starts

by Brandon Pham
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“I was baited to pay for a $90,000 degree for game art and design to guarantee a job that was never there.”

— Brandon Pham (Environment Artist)


Larry and Brandon became best friends in College and since then have worked professionally together three times shipping Lost Planet 3, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, and Rival: Crimson X Chaos


This podcast started out of frustration in AAA development and in response to the volatility of the game industry. Every step of our journey was on the premise that there is something greater just shortly ahead. This dangerous mindset began before college when we were baited into massive student debt only to realize that the job market is extremely limited. Once we got in we were faced with office politics and the horrors of mismanaged projects.

In this very first episode of our podcast we introduce ourselves and get right to it. What’s it like working in the game industry? Do you need to go to college? Funny industry stories as a newb. What makes a good lead? And what are the problems being a minority.

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